Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language, unveiled to the public on May 23, 1995. The Java language was created by James Gosling and Patrick Naughton, under the patronage of Bill Joy (all employees or co-founders of Sun Microsystems).

Key Points To Remember

* Java runs on main platforms (UNIX/Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS, Sun Solaris, Redhat Linux, CentOS...). Therefore, Java is platform independent.

* Java is object oriented, interpreted, dynamic, architecture-neutral and multi-threaded.

* The latest version of JAVA is JAVA SE 20, released in March 2023.

* Eclipse (free), Netbeans (free), IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code (free) are the main software used in order to program with Java.

What Can I Do With Java ?

* Softwares

* Web App.

* Mobile App.

* Cloud App.

* A.I. Development

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