Global Setup


+ Basics

You must be comfortable with Object Oriented Programming and Java basics (see our tutorial).


+ Environment (basic configuration for Windows/Mac users)

-- Using Eclipse IDE and JDK SE 15

In order to use Java, you need two things to start :

* Using IDEs like Eclipse and  Visual Studio Code (free and powerful) for your project development. Then you need to install Java on your PC or Mac.

+ Then...

1 - Install Java SE 15.

2 - Install Visual Studio Code.

3 - Install and open Eclipse IDE.

4 - Configure your workspace...

5 - Then, click here and download HelloWorld folder on this GitHub account. When it's done, return to your Eclipse IDE and import it (MENU -- File -- Import -- General -- Projects from Folder or Archive -- Next -- Choose the HelloWorld folder directory, select it and click on the Finish button)...

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